Edisto Island Rental Frequently Asked Questions

What's the weather like on Edisto Island?

We average over 200 sunny days every year. Our average temperatures are in Fahrenheit:

Month Avg Temp Avg Max Temp Avg Ocean Temp


49° 59° 52°


52° 61° 54°


57° 67° 59°


66° 76° 67°


72° 82° 75°


77° 86° 82°


80° 89° 84°


80° 89° 84°


76° 84° 80°


67° 77° 73°


58° 69° 63°


58° 61° 54°

Is it possible to rent a home for less than a week on Edisto?

During the off-season (Labor Day to Memorial Day of the following year) some of our homes do allow rentals with a 2 or 3 night minimum. Some of our smaller condos like the Oristo Lodges will allow 2 or 3 night rentals year round. Unfortunately, stays lasting less than a week cannot be booked online. Please call a Reservationist at 1-800-945-9667 for assistance.

What do Beachfront, Second Row, Beach Walk and Island Home mean?

In a beachfront home there is not another house between you and the beach. In a second row home, there is a road and a home between you and the beach. A beachwalk home is anything that is further from the beach than second row, all the way back to the marsh on the other side of the town of Edisto Beach. An Island home is a home that is not located within the town of Edisto Beach, but is within an easy drive of Edisto Beach and public boat landings.

What are Jeremy Cay, The Hammocks and Cowpens?

These are all gated, private communities on the island. Jeremy Cay is the only one of these with direct easy access to a beach.

What is the difference between the Ocean and the Sound?

Typically, there are larger waves and a smaller beach at high tide on the Ocean. The Sound has a wider beach at high tide and calmer surf.

Is there a grocery store on Edisto?

Yes, there is a full service Bi-Lo grocery store, with a deli. We also have a doctor, dentist, Post Office and 2 banks. However, there is no longer a pharmacy. The closest ones are at the Piggly Wiggly in Hollywood and a CVS Pharmacy in Ravenel (about 30 minutes away), so make sure that you have packed all of your prescriptions.

Are there any restaurants on Edisto?

Yes, there are many good restaurants on Edisto. Finn's, The Sea Cow, The Waterfront, and Dockside all accept credit cards.

Can I bring my boat, motorcycle, jet ski, catamaran, kayak, etc?

Generally the answer is yes. There are some communities that are a little more stringent than others. Bay Creek Villas does not allow any watercraft on trailers, empty trailers or any vehicles on trailers to be parked in their parking area. Wyndham Ocean Ridge does not allow trailers, boats or motorcycles within it's gates. Please keep these regulations in mind when choosing properties in these areas.

Is there a limit to how many vehicles we can bring?

In some areas of the Island there are. In The Hammocks and Jeremy Cay, each home is allowed a maximum of four (4) vehicles. In Bay Creek Villas, rental homes are allowed two (2) cars. There may be instances that we deem that the number of vehicles is excessive at other homes. Please understand that it is our responsibility to insure that the homeowners property, including lawn, is properly cared for.

What if I need to receive packages, mail, faxes or email while I'm on Edisto?

Mail cannot be received at any of our rental properties. Packages and mail can be sent to you at our office. Please notify us in advance that you are expecting mail and ask the sender to label the package with the name of the person holding the reservation and the name of the house so that we can locate you when the package arrives. Faxes may also be sent to our office with prior approval. Please ask the sender to identify the recipient by the same means as for mail. The Edisto Beach Library has computers available for internet access. The library is open from 10 am - 5 pm Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. The library is closed from 12:30 - 1 pm for lunch. There is also wireless internet access available at The Edisto Bookstore.

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