Edisto Island Local Information

Edisto Island Local Nature & Wildlife

The A.C.E. Basin is a 350,000-acre area where the Ashepoo, Combahee, and Edisto River come together and one of the last areas on the eastern seaboard that remains untouched by man. This acreage is being preserved by a coalition of conservation groups working to retain the basin's natural habitat for wildlife.

The various wildlife species found in the A.C.E. Basin include game birds and animals such as ducks, deer, dove, turkeys, and quail; furbearers such as otters, raccoons, and foxes; wading birds including herons, egrets, and ibises; reptiles such as alligators; and endangered species such as eagles, woodstorks, osprey, and loggerhead turtles. Waters surrounding Edisto are pristine as well, and have been upgraded by the State Legislators to ORW (Outstanding Resource Waters), the highest water quality classification allowed by the state. The creeks and marshes are as pure as you will find and are often the playground for dolphins.

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