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Ed Grimball Walking Tours

If you are planning a day trip to Charleson while staying on Edisto, consider a walking tour with native Charlestonian Ed Grimball. Ed opened his business in 1996 and gives tours on Wednesday and Saturday mornings. For groups of 8 or more, other days of the week and times are available. You may visit Ed at or call him on his cell at 843-813-4447.








Migrating Fish Crows

     Did you know that there are actually two types of crows in America?  
     The American Crow and the Fish Crow.  The two birds are identical in most aspects, but the sound of their call varies.  The call of a Fish Crow is a nasally, rough sound.  Fish Crows often live close to water and marshes, and often are found with American Crows.  
     During the winter months on the South Edisto River, you can sometimes see hundreds, or even thousands, of these birds flying into the marsh to roost for the night.

The Fish Are Biting

A father/son fishing trip might be a good place to start if you are looking for things to do on the island.  This picture pretty much says it all.

Let's play name that fish!

Edisto Island Bluegrass Festival, 2013

The first ever Edisto Island Bluegrass Festival was a huge success, at least in my opinion.  Food, friends, beautiful weather, lawn chairs, and a stage set up with a river backdrop.  I'm not sure it gets better than this folks. 

The festival's 1,000 tickets were sold out, and I'm pretty sure all 1,000 attendees had a great time.

Don't even get me started on the food.  Local restaurants catered, and with fried seafood, cheeseburger sliders, and chicken and waffle sandwiches, they absolutely outdid themselves.  Palmetto Breweries also offered some amazing beer. 

Oh. And I almost forgot the most important part.  The bluegrass bands were awesome.  

Good music, good eats, and great company?  Sounds like Edisto to me!

The only negative aspect of the whole event was that the bugs came out for about thirty minutes before the sun went down.  As soon as it was dark though, they were gone, and if you've got a nice scarf like this guy, and maybe some bug-spray, you'll be set!

Governor's Cup, 2013


Did you know that the state reptile of South Carolina is the Loggerhead Sea Turtle?

These turtles live in the saltwater and mainly eat jellyfish and crabs, and the males are 250 pounds on average!  The females lay eggs in nests along the coasts of Georgia, Florida, North, and South Carolina.  In our area, it usually takes 53 to 68 days for the eggs to hatch.  You might notice wooden stakes in the dunes marking these nests.  This is the reason why Edisto Beach is serious about turning off your porch lights at nights.  When the baby turtles hatch they use the light of the moon to guide them to the ocean, and porch lights will disorient them.   (

Botany Bay, a beach off of Edisto Island, recently recorded their biggest one day for turtles with fifteen nests and seven crawls (evidence that a turtle crawled up on the beach, but did not necessarily lay eggs).  We're excited because this means the turtles are out and laying eggs.  Pay attention to the date on the nests, and if you're lucky, late one night, or early one morning, perhaps you'll be able to see these little guys crawl out of the ground and make the treacherous trek to the ocean!

Pictured below is Amanda Krow, a turtle intern on Botany Bay on July 1, 2013, with a lovely Loggerhead.  We are lucky to have such a beautiful state reptile!


Sometimes You Don't Need To Be On Beachfront.......

My son and I stayed in Jungle Belles the week of 5/11 -- 5/18. This is still the last house I will ever rent on Edisto. It is beautiful, has the right amount of luxury and is in the perfect location -- off the main path, but with a great deck over the lagoon. The Boy and I fished off the deck, and did okay. Nothing about which to write home, but we killed an afternoon catching and releasing.

Before the "economic downturn," we used to go to Walt Disney World often, and enjoyed it mightily. But, when we didn't go to WDW, I wanted to go to the anti-Disney World, and Edisto beach is it. We have always had good experiences with Kapp Lyons, and hope to continue the trend in the future.

Wesley Loftis