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Summertime Bingo at the Lion's Club


     If playing Bingo at the Lions Club is not on list of things to do while on vacation at Edisto, you should absolutely add it!  Summertime Bingo is family oriented entertainment that is not only a good time but also helpful to the Edisto Community.  It is a good way to bring your family together and while meeting locals and visitors alike.  Plus, you get the chance to win fun and exciting prizes! Bingo is held only on Tuesdays and Thursday evenings, doors open at 5:30 and the games begin at 6:00. Bingo takes place at the Lions Club at 2907 Myrtle Street on Edisto Beach. Be sure to come early, bring along Lady Luck and we will see you tomorrow!



Newton Blueberry Farm


Newton Blueberry Farm

     Relaxing beach days, spacious front porches, ice cold sweet tea and fresh produce are some of the best things found in the Low Country during the summertime.  The Low County is known for its quality fresh summer squash, ripe juicy tomatoes, sweet corn and always delicious berries.  Newton Blueberry Farm has been farming blueberries for over 40 years.  Now that summer is finally here the crop is fully mature and ready for picking!  The bushes are full of delicious ripe berries so it is the perfect time to gather your family and go pick some blueberries. At Newton Blueberry Farm you have to option to pick your own blueberries or get them to pick them for you.  The “u-pick” price is $12.00 for a 5 quart bucket and the “we pick” price is $3.00 for a pint.  Newton Blueberry Farm is located at 7834 Highway 162 in Hollywood and you can call them at (843) 889-2358 for more information.  Happy picking!



2015 Shark Tournment



Edisto Watersport and Tackle Shark Tournament

    We wanted to share some exciting news if you are lucky enough to be on Edisto this weekend.  Edisto Watersport and Tackle is hosting their annual shark tournament, this Saturday June 13th.  The Anglers will get an early start to bring in their biggest catch of the day to the afternoon weigh in at 4:30.  Last year the winning shark weighed over 1,000 pounds so be sure to stop the dock at Edisto Watersport and Tackle so you do not miss any excitement.  Edisto Watersport and Tackle is located right across from Wyndham at 3731 Docksite Road on Edisto Beach.

Some local fishermen with their best catch of the day at last year's tournament.

The biggest shark caught last year weighed in at over 1,000 pounds!

The Coffee Shop at Edisto Beach


    Edisto is happy to announce the grand opening of The Coffee Shop at Edisto Beach.  They offer a relaxing retreat with waterfront views on Big Bay Creek.  You can find environmentally friendly coffee, all natural smoothies and locally made food on their menu.  The Coffee Shop at Edisto Beach is a perfect way to start your morning, enjoy a delicious wrap for lunch or for grabbing a quick bite to eat before heading out on the water. 


The Coffee Shop at Edisto Beach is open at 7 am – 6 pm and located right above Edisto Water Sport and Tackle, at 3731 Docksite Road.  Be sure to check out their website at


A great sunrise view from the coffee shop
pairs perfectly with your morning coffee.

Prudential Kapp Lyons on Facebook

      Did you know that Prudential Kapp Lyons is now on Facebook?  Be sure to check out and like our page to remain “in the loop” and get the most up to date updates.  It is a great way to know what’s going on with us in the office and also around the Island. Our Facebook page is very interactive and gives our guest a chance to share your unique Edisto Island experience with us.  Please feel free to post any pictures or comments from your family’s vacation, we would love to see it!


South Carolina's First Sea Turtle Nest Found on Edisto

     Sea turtle nesting officially has begun on Edisto Island!  Botany Bay found their first turtle nest on May 2nd.  This was not only the first nest on Edisto, but the first nest in the whole state of South Carolina!  The sea turtle nesting season is from May 1st- October 31st so please remember to keep your lights turned off when you are on the beach at night.


Our Beloved Family Pets

    Here at Prudential Kapp Lyons we know the importance your family pet plays in your life.  They are more than your furry four legged friend but also an important part of your family! We love our animals and keep Amos, our company dog, hanging out all day with us in the office.  We understand how much you love their smiling face and wagging tail, so we think they should be included on your vacation.  Many of our proprieties allow pets so please ask our staff about pet friendly homes.  Our knowledgeable staff can happily help you find a rental home that is well suited for your entire family.


Amos taking a break from a busy day in the office.


Here are a few safety tips to keep in mind whenever you take your dog to the beach……

  • from May to October all dogs must be leashed on the beach
  • refill any holes your dog digs on the beach
  • teach your dog to swim
  • find fresh water and shade
  • steer clear of rough or choppy water
  • watch what they drink
  • stay sun protected
  • be mindful of over exercising
  • keep a lookout for dangerous items
  • rinse well after a full day of fun in the sun


Newport enjoying her day in the sun.


We would love to see pictures of your family pet with you on vacation.  Please feel free to send us pictures of your four legged pal on the beach, boating, swimming or doing whatever he does best while vacationing on Edisto!

Sailor helping clean up after a busy day on the water.

Mitty's very first beach day.

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